What are "Scent Notes"?

A “note” is a fancy word for descriptors of scents that you smell when you burn a candle. Fragrance notes fall into one of three groups, top/head notes, middle or heart notes, and base/dry down/bottom notes. Every candle and perfume you experience is built using a carefully crafted combination of top, middle, and bottom notes.

  • Top Notes

    These are the first notes you sense when you smell a candle or perfume. These notes “introduce” the candle fragrance, and are typically fresh, light, and citrusy.

    In perfumery, top notes are the fragrance oils that have the smallest molecules and therefore evaporate the fastest. In candles, these notes are the first experience of a candle’s cold throw, but don’t necessarily fade away over time (like a perfume on your skin would).

  • Middle Notes

    Often called “heart notes”, the middle notes of a fragrance are a bit more complex and full bodied than top notes.

    They are often the superstar of a fragrance blend, providing balance and harmony to enhance the top or bottom notes. Some popular middle notes are classic florals, light fruits, berries, and spicy or herbaceous notes.

  • Bottom/Dry Notes

    Bottom notes are the heavier, longer lasting notes that are often made of larger molecules.

    Think vanilla, woodsy, amber, or musk. These notes bring balance to a blend by weighing it down and rounding out the experience. In a perfume, the bottom notes are the scents that last on your skin all day long.